Team leader meeting


We're excited for the team leader meeting on Saturday February 18th from 6PM-8PM Boston time (EST)! It will be a great chance to get acquainted with other iGEM high school team leaders. We will use this opportunity to discuss several items:

  • the virtual Jamboree in June
  • questions about registration and the Jamboree
  • summer training sessions
  • feedback from current teams

Here are some questions to think about before the meeting:

  1. Feedback on the registration process for the 2012 iGEM HS season.
  2. How are you establishing your teams? How are you developing your team project? Do you have any concerns about the competition?
  3. Is your team looking at raising the funds to come to the jamboree or is your team wanting to virtually participate in the jamboree?
  4. Do you have any questions about the format of the competition? What are your plans for the human practices section? Is your team going to do outreach into your community?
  5. What input do you have on the parent consent forms and the school consent forms?
  6. Are you interested in summer training for synthetic biology?

Don't miss this chance to meet other team leaders and get your questions answered! The link to the Facebook group is here.