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Team UISGZ_MaLab_China

Official Team Profile



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'Team Members:

Victor Wu: A happy and proactive student, in grade 11, which excels like a boss at mathematics and science. As this is his 1st year of participation in the IGEM competition, Victor enjoys leading the IGEM team towards investigating new scientific solutions and methods by discussing his opinions with the rest of the team. His hobbies are tutoring, frisbee, table tennis, and winning in everything, especially like a boss.

Michael Wu: A brother of a happy and proactive student, which exceeds the academic standards of grade 10 with his ever-growing knowledge of science and maths. Born in China, Michael has claimed to be capable of silently assassinating his victims with a hidden blade located in the sleeve of his jacket, but this has been yet to be proven as he can only function his skills with the use of the WASD controls on his laptop and an optical mouse. Apparently, Michael is a leading force and has led our team to participate in various fundraising events as well as contributing to our IGEM project, and has become a crucial member of our team. He enjoys and achieves highly in skateboarding, gaming, studying, 9gag'ing, and other various sports.

Liwei Pan: A student in grade 11, excessively concerns about learning outcomes, therefore he is willing to be a hard-working student in many consequences. He's now taking both Biology high level and Chemistry high level of the IB diploma, as a young scientist he is obsessed with lab works and organizing events. This is his first year participates in the IGEM competition, in the mean time his second year studying in UISGZ. His hobbies are playing piano and guitar(music level: it's over 9000!!!), swimming (used to be in a U.S school swimming team), badminton, basketball,video games, plus he's a professional 9 gagger. Liwei is willing to do everything for the activities and the team if Victor is not the leader of the team.

Mr. Harsh Sethia: Aka Dexter, is a fundamental component to our IGEM team and has led our biologic maneuvers towards developing the best possible product for the competition. His contributions to our team has allowed us to gain a sharp advantage towards the IGEM competition, so watch out, and has made our IGEM sessions enjoyable yet productive. He currently is enrolled in a university and mentally destroys his university campus with his amazing intellect regarding his knowledge of science and his knowledge on how to create/cultivate amazing yogurt.

Margot Debyser: Originally from France, Margot is a very generous yet very intelligent team member of iGem. She is very proactive and plays a very important and crucial role in fundraising and allowing our team to support our equipment. She is very hardworking and enthusiastic on the activity as she constantly present in every session we had. Margot claims to enjoy a variety of hobbies including listening to solely rock music from bands such as ACDC, Metallica, etc and absorbing knowledge from reading, and hanging out with friends close to her. Her well-balanced life in regards to her hobbies and studying has made her an enjoyable companion of the IGEM.

Ms.ball: After traveling the world, Ms. Ball originally from Canada has been teaching in Utahloy for 3 years now. She teaches IB Biology and Science as a general subject for grades 7-10. Ms. Ball is a very enthusiastic teacher who is supervising Utahloy’s first iGEM team and with her help and support is sure to succeed in their goal. Her interest in science and distribution of stickers motivates students to further study in the field and achieve high results.

Andy: Andy is a keen and eager student in the iGEM team. Previously studying in Beijing, Andy is currently in Grade 10 and is in his first year of Utahloy, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking an active part in the group. With his interesting ideas and knowledge on science, he is an energetic member of the team and is always a participating colleague.

Hye Jeong: Born in Seoul, Korea- Hye Jeong Ko is a passionate member of UISGZ’s iGEM team. Being a frequent member in the meetings, Hye Jeong has got many ideas on the topic that she contributes to the group. She further studies science in her after school academics. Besides science, Hye Jeong has got a strong interest in art and music which she shares and expresses in her other extra curriculum activities.


What are you working on this semester?


Show us how you spent your days.

4/10- 4/12

Currently we are working on our tumblr blog and making links and accesses to different resources including our wiki page on it. Sitara, Jordan and Michael has contributed a lot on this project. Micheal and Jordan has put our official video and a very creative piece of 9 gag comics on the page. Tracked by Liwei


What did you achieve over the course of your semester?


What safety precautions did your team take? Did you take a safety training course? Were you supervised at all times in the lab?


Who worked on what?

Human Practices

What impact does/will your project have on the public?


What was your favorite team snack?? Have a picture of your team mascot?