Be sure to join us for the Team Leader meetings on SecondLife in May and June!

The location for the June 14th SecondLife meeting is in the Ars Simulacra region!

SecondLife is a program that allows users to interact in a virtual environment! iGEM HS will be using it this year to host a virtual Jamboree in sync with the physical Jamboree in Indianapolis.

SecondLife requires a separate viewer program, which can be downloaded from their website here.

In order to successfully use the program, computers must meet the minimum system requirements which are listed on their site. Computers which do not meet these requirements will not be able to run the SecondLife program. We highly recommend a wired internet connection, either cable or DSL. Wireless connections can be used but tend to be less reliable (takes longer to teleport, load the worlds, etc.). Also, using a headset to communicate reduces echo and is recommended.

For the SecondLife Quickstart guide, see here: Quickstart guide.

Recaps of the SecondLife meetings are available below, in PDF format!