Consent Forms


You can download an information sheet about the iGEM High School Competition below:

Each participant in the iGEM High School Division must provide a Participant Consent Form.

All participants must submit a Participant Consent Form. This includes students, teachers, advisors, and, if applicable, faculty members.

The Principal of each school that hosts an iGEM High School competition team must provide a Principal Consent Form to iGEM Headquarters. For instance, if a team consists of students from two schools, iGEM HQ must receive two principal consent forms.

Note to team leaders

Please gather all of the necessary permission forms for every member of your team and the principals of all the schools involved with your team and mail the original hard copy to iGEM Headquarters.

Even if you have already provided an earlier version of these forms, please complete and send the new forms to iGEM HQ.

Forms must be sent to iGEM Headquarters at:

Meagan Lizarazo / iGEM
One Kendall Square
Building 600 - Suite B6104
Cambridge, MA 02139