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iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg

iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg

Check out

Congratulations! You made your choice for one of our remarkable iGEMS products. Below, you can pre-order the chosen item simply by leaving your email address and a short text describing why the product would be most suitable especially for you...
... ah... actually... this is not really true. The product you just tried to buy is not on the marked yet. Not even close. But why would we present you a fake online-store you might ask? Well, the products we present here are embedded into the spheres of synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is a new approach in modern life-sciences which aims for making biology easier to engineer. It tries to adress problems in the fields of medicine, environment, energy and more and find new solutions by e.g. developing new therapies or new working on approaches to environmental-friendly energy. If our online-shop expierence raised curiousity about this upcoming and new scientific field of synthetic biology, we would be very happy to provide you with more information. Therefor, we would like draw your attention to the following pages to get informed about the theme:

Read more about the purpose of the Online Store in our in the Human Practice section.


All iGEMS are equipped with a flask containing an UV-inducible E. coli solution. Click here to learn more about our project.