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iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg


Unveil the invisible - Abstract

Synthetic measurement toolkit for the precise quantification of UV and radioactive radiation

UV radiation and radioactivity are two natural radiation types we get in contact with every day. In low doses, UV and radioactive radiation are mostly harmless to cells and can even be beneficial for the survival of an organism. Nevertheless, when exceeding a certain dose, they can cause severe cellular damage, which may lead to diseases such as cancer in humans.

The iGEM team Life-Science Lab Heidelberg has developed a synthetic measurement toolkit consisting of standardized parts for the precise quantification of both UV and radioactive radiation. Our toolkit is applicable in a variety of everyday life settings – from checking the exposure of your body to UV-light during sun-bathing to detecting sources of radioactivity in high-risk-areas.

Finally, by exploring our toolkit in context of a real consumer product called “iGEMS”, we want to raise the public awareness of the invisible danger and exemplify the great perspectives offered by synthetic biology.