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Where We Are From

Tyngsborough, Massachusetts is a small historic town 44 miles outside of Boston. Although Tyngsborough is only 17.86 square miles, its population is currently 11,673. We are considered a commuter town to Boston, Massachusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire. Tyngsborough was originally purchased from native Indians and was formally established as a town on February 23, 1809. Tyngsborough is best known for its 547 foot long, green bridge spanning the Merrimack River. The Tyngsborough Bridge was built in 1931 and connects the east and west sides of town. Tyngsborough is also known for Sullivan Farms Ice Cream, a locally owned, homemade ice cream stand, and Parlee Farms which serves ice cream, grows "pick-your-own" fruits, and showcases a small enclosure for feeding farm animals (


Image Source: Profile for Tyngsborough, MA