Team:Sharon MA Aquila/Team


We are a group of students from Sharon High School in Sharon, Massachusetts. Our two mentors, Mr. Snow and Mr. Dixon, are biology teachers at our school.

Hannah Binney

Hannah is a senior and one of the founders of the team. Her favorite scientific discipline is physics, although biology doesn't lag far behind. She also participates in robotics and is a co-captain of the math team. Her hobbies include becoming ridiculously involved in the fantasy books she reads, scrunching down awkwardly to photograph particularly interesting mushrooms, and spending vast amounts of time on the internet.

Frank Zhou

Frank is a junior who became interested in genetic engineering after participating in an internship at a Rhode Island Hospital lab during the summer. He loves science and math, as he is the captain of the robotics team and is a leading member of the math team. When he has free time (which is not often), he enjoys watching various shows on TV, fooling around on the internet, and playing ultimate.

George Rakushkin

Rachel Fyler

Brahm Gardner

Brahm is a junior who joined iGEM in hopes of discovering what is entailed within the fields of synthetic biology and genetic engineering. His favorite subjects in school are science, in particular chemistry, and math. Outside of school, Brahm is on the Sharon High Golf Team, Mock Trial Team, and Baseball Team. His main hobbies include spending copious amounts of time on the computer, playing video games (mostly sports) on Xbox, and watching The Big Bang Theory on TV.

Gabby Crosby

Nancy Chinnapan

Peter Jiang

Peter Jiang is a junior who found tremendous fascination in biology, and joined iGem soon after learning of it. He hopes to learn much about synthetic biology and genetic engineering. He favorite