Team:Saloniki Greece 12 notebook


Saloniki 2012 iGem

Our Notebook

The dates we met and what we did in each meeting is analyzed below.
Feb 25 - Introduction to Synthetic Biology. Maria (our advisor) did a presentation about the funtamentals of Synthetic Biology. We asked questions about anything we didn't understand and watched 2-3 videos on youtube that gave a more complete picture about SynthBio.
March 3 - Papers/Continued the introduction to SynthBio
March 17th/March 18th - First idea for project(about yogurt), talked about scientific notebook, about ethics ,split into groups and began working on our separate parts(wiki, poster, presentation)
March 23/March 24th - Talked about BLAST, KEGG and genoCAD. Changed project topic into Bacteria and Soil, split into groups and did research about soil and bacteria in Google Scholar. Also we talked about protocols(which we never used.)
March 31 - Researched about Nitrogen Fixation
April 5th - Last meeting before easter! Every team worked on their parts. Wiki guys worked on the website, poster team on creating pamphlets and presentation team on making a video.
April 28th - Researching nitrogen fixing bacteria and discussing about what we've found and possible ideas about getting into labs and finishing the project.
May 2nd - Attended a presentation by George McArthur(see acknowledgements) held in Anatolia College. The presentation was about the development of a genetically encoded taxol biosensor, in order to help achieve mass taxol production.
May 5th - "Fun time"! Went to Maria's house and ate..A lot!!!
May 12th - Didn't had the chance to do lab work and focused on the promotion of Biotech in Greece. Worked on this subject.
May 19th - Everyone worked with their team on their parts(ppt/poster/website)
May 26th - Everyone worked with their team on their parts(ppt/poster/website)
June 10th - Last meeting! Talked about what the two kids that represent the team will do in the Jamboree and discussed and decided about next year's team!