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An Approach to Bioethics- Presenting shortly a way for Bioethic education

Ever since Biotech began to spread all over the world and its potentials were being discovered, an important issue came up: Bioethics! There are many possible dangers that can harm our ecosystems and us. For example a virus that is genetically engineered to be immune to several antibiotics can be released to the environment and by being exposed to other microorganisms could mutate into a "stronger", more harmful virus and damage the environment through several chain reactions. Imagine if a crazy scientist that has the funds and the knowledge did something like that. The results could be catastrophic. But we wouldn't have to worry about him, because 1. We wouldn't be able to do anything to stop him(because he's powerful) and 2. The government will "take care" of him.
So, what can WE do?
Well, we can think of new, innovative ways to inform older scientists through internet (hoping that they will be responsible) and teach young kids about bioethics through education. The rule that has to be taught is simple: DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT COULD ENDANGER BIODIVERSITY OR HUMAN LIFE.
Teaching responsibilty through education is easy, if it starts from a young age and continues persistantly. Though, a very good idea is to create programs that will make kids(elementary age or younger) to be friendly to the environment and always think about our planet's well-being. Furthermore, a co-operation between toy factories, schools and museums toys would be a nice idea. The factories would built toys that are based on Biobricks and the schools would take kids to educational exhibits to science museums(for a trip), where the kids would learn to think bioethically and ecologically correct through playing!
And always rememer that: "With great power, comes great responsibility"