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Saloniki 2012 iGem

Biotech In Our Country

During the progress of our project and because we weren't able to do labwork, we decided to find some ways to spread the idea of Biotechnology and to point out the possible benefits of it in Greece.Bio-Engineering can help the Greek economy. In order for this to happen, people must be informed, so that they will know about Synthetic Biology and won't be afraid about unwanted consequences. This step is really important, because many of the traditional Greeks (not only elder people) will blame Bio-engineers that they are "playing God", unless they completely understand what Synthetic Biology is all about. We are thinking to promote Biotech and educate peole in our country through pamphlets, videos and websites.

Considering that people won't fight Synthetic Biology and that polititians won't ruin the whole plan, there are going to be several benefits for Greece. First of all, and maybe the most important thing at the time, is that job positions will be created! Due to the reduced competition, cheap land or ready unused buildings that they can take advantage of, foreign biotech companies will create factories and research facilities in our country. In this way, unemployment percentance will be decreased. Furthermore, these Biotech companies will be able to help with our country's agriculture. They can prepare the land and make it more fertile using Bioengineered bacteria, so that the production will rise enough in order to promote our products(Greek olive oil, wines, tomatoes etc.) to other countries and export them. In that way, more job positions will be created and the Greek market will begin to work and money will flow, so that our economy (Greece's,the rest of Europe and whole world) will find one's legs. Last, but definitely not least, young people that are still in universtities will have a chance to train in the companies' research facilities and they will be more prepared and experienced when they will graduate. As a result they will be employed more easily, they will do their job as they were supposed to and help our country ressurect from its ashes.