Team:CSIA SouthKorea/applications


1. Electronic display
While working on the project, we wondered if we could synchronize the period of each cell in the well plate and let them have the same period of oscillation. If this is possible, then we would be able to let the bacteria glow and turn off the light in the same period, and therefore use it to make certain signals that we want on the well plate. It can be some shapes such as square, circle, cross, or star; it can be some letters such as a, b, or c; and if the technique can be applied to larger plate, then we would even be able to display a phrase or a short sentence on the plate. This might as well work as electronic displays that are widely used nowadays for advertising the stores.
If the glowing bacteria-project that we are working on can be produced with enough light intensity and possible to program the cells of the plate, then it will be truly beneficial both for people and the environment. Currently the electricity deficiency is a huge problem all over the world. Great dark-outs occur because of excessive usage of electricity, and people are paying a great amount of money for using the electricity. If we can replace these electronic displays with glowing bacteria-display, then we will be able to save quite amount of electricity usage and thus contribute to the saving of electricity.
2. Light source
Second possible application is the usage of glowing bacteria as the light sources, such as reading lamps or small-sized flashlights. It is true that certain level of light intensity is necessary in order to be used in the way proposed. However, we do believe that after some extensive research and laboratory, enough level of light intensity will be reached.
If the light source using biological method (glowing bacteria) is developed, it will have positive impact on the society. First, since it glows with no need of external power source, battery and electricity will be saved for other usages. Second, the biological-light source will be able to be used by people in the regions where electricity supply isn’t enough or easy. Even now, there are regions where people can’t easily get access to electricity, and thus have to live in dark when the sun sets. If our project can be developed and applied to making a self-glowing light source, then it will surely bring some benefits.