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Team: CIDEB-UANL Mexico

Team Emblem

The team emblem is composed of representative elements of our state and our school. The red lion appears in the emblem of the State of Nuevo León, located in the upper right box. It symbolizes vigilance, authority, magnanimity and sovereignty. The torch that the lion holds with its forelegs, it’s a symbol of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, where CIDEB, our high school, belongs. The motto of the flame is Alere flammam veritatis , which stands for the way that the students of this University work.

Team Logo

It was not easy to find the correct name for Khumus , that’s why, a small investigation was made. It was searched about Latin or Greek origins of words related to our project.

In There are different theories about the origin of the word chemistry, according with locations and cultures. One of these theories, in fact a little bit more supported in nowadays, states that Khemeia (chemistry) is derived from the Greek wordKhumus , which means plant juice. This juice could be replaced by metal, so Khemeia could mean “Metallurgy art”.

As the idea of this project is to semi-quantify the amount of heavy metals in a substance like water, we believed that Khumus is a word that is adequate for being the name of our representing bacterium.