Team:AUC Turkey




Trimethylaminuria is a health disorder caused by the lack of the enzyme FMO-3. This disease ruins the social lives of people born with it. It causes the excretion of a disgusting fish odor. With our genetically modified E.coli, we would like to pursue the solution of this problem. By implementing the necessary system, we will offer a synthetic solution.


Our system is based on the removal of the disturbing odor caused by this disease. Also, the usage of the products of this process to make the bacteria release geraniol (which is the chemical that provides the rose its aroma) is also something else that we wish to do.

With FreshEcoli project, we will get rid of bad odor and make a bacteria produce a nice fragrance. This will allow us to benefit from the good smell released, and also, remove the belief that bacteria smell unpleasant.

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