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What does a team cost?

This year, 2012, there is no registration fee for high school teams. The cost for a high school team will be in the laboratory, and expense for travel to the jamboree.

What equipment does a team need?

There are two options for teams, thermocycler or no thermocycler. If you do not have a thermocycler you can still participate because the DNA is standardized for 3A assembly. If you have a thermocycler you can extract needed DNA and experiment with other assembly methods. Link showing materials needed for work in the lab.

What are the requirements to compete?

This link explains the requirements for teams competing in the 2012 competition. Requirements 2012

What if we can not make it to the jamboree in Greenfield, is there another option?

We want teams to come to the jamboree because of the fun and excitement of sharing and competing in synthetic biology. At the jamboree teams can talk with industry leaders and meet teenagers from around the world. Teams are able to showcase their excitement for synthetic biology, research, and their team. If a team can not raise the money to come to the jamboree, we are working on providing a virtual jamboree. This jamboree will allow teams that can not raise enough money to still showcase their work.

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