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Team WoodlandHillsECRC_CA

Official Team Profile



Welcome to the wiki page of the best team ever! We are WoodlandHillsECRC_CA, a high school team from El Camino Real Charter High School (ECRC). This team is comprised of members from ECRC's Biotechnology Team.

Das wassup!


What are you working on this semester?


January 18th, 2012: The first meeting of El Camino Real High School's Biotechnology Club. Initially, this club was started as an outlet for the club leaders to share and further their love for biotechnology. We had plans to introduce a new lab every week for our members; every meeting we would explain the science behind the lab, and then have our members do hands-on lab work. Our first meeting was a success, having an attendance of 20 bright-eyed and hopeful high school students with a genuine passion in biotechnology.

January 19th, 2012: We established the administration of the Biotechnology Club. Our Quadrumvirate is as followed: Director of Fundraising: Nicole Lin, Director of Communications: Jenny Chi, Director of Records: Jasmine Mok, and Director of Laboratory Management: Joshua Dahlerbruch.

We discussed the possibility of furthering the goal of the Biotechnology Club, to participate in biotechnology competitions with members of the club, if possible. One member of the quadrumvirate, Nicole Lin, suggested the participation in the high school division iGEM competition, which she had heard from in an Engineering Summer Program. All members in the quadrumvirate agreed that this was a fantastic opportunity to participate in, and thus, the iGEM team of El Camino Real Charter High School was born.

January 25th, 2012: The second meeting of the Biotechnology Club. We began to formulate our iGEM team members. We set our criteria to be searching for students interested in competing in this international competition, and to be either enrolled in AP Biology, or have already completed AP Biology. (Participation in the iGEM competition was not restricted to the current Biotechnology Club members.)File:IMG 4521.jpg

We also established our iGEM team mentor, Ms. Turner-Graham, an AP Biology teacher in El Camino Real Charter High School. She was serving as the teacher sponsor for the Biotechnology Club, but she eagerly jumped on board in serving as our iGEM team mentor as well.

Members of the iGEM team are not only iGEM team members, but also Biotechnology Club members. The iGEM competition became a side project within the Biotechnology program.

In the second meeting of the Biotechnology Club, we chose to do a simple pipetting activity, which would not only introduce our iGEM team members, but also our Biotechnology Club members to the very basics of lab work.


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