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New England Biolabs will provide all high school division iGEM teams (includes international teams) with the four materials listed below at no cost. You must be registered as an iGEM team.

Contact Lori Tonello: Tonello AT neb DOT com to request a kit or Rebecca Schini: rebecca AT igem DOT org for more information.

Reagent pack includes the following four items:

  • N0469S: Quick-Load(r) 2-Log DNA Ladder(0.1-10.0 kb)
  • E0546S: BioBrick(tm) Assembly Kit (includes 4 restriction enzymes plus T4 DNA Ligase)
  • M0289S: Antarctic Phosphatase

Choose one PCR Polymerase:

  • M0254S: VentR(r) DNA Polymerase
  • M0273S: Taq DNA Polymerase with Standard Taq Buffer
  • M0270S: Taq 2X Master Mix
  • E5000S: Taq PCR Kit
  • M0482S: OneTaq(tm) 2X Master Mix with Standard Buffer
  • M0480S: OneTaq(tm) DNA Polymerase
  • M0486S: OneTaq(tm) Quick-Load(r) 2X Master Mix with Standard Buffer


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