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Safety is an important aspect of synthetic biology. As teams compete they will learn about safety in the laboratory and safety with their machine. Teams need to document their safety lab procedures and machine safety developments. At the jamboree teams can win the Safety award for the laboratory and for their machine work.

Safety in the Lab

During research laboratory must make sure that individuals are safe. How is your team keeping you safe in the lab? What procedures are in place to help implement a safe environment. Did your team come up with a creative way to remember safety in the lab? Make sure that your team showcases safety on your wiki.

Safety with the machine

Synthetic biology is a growing area of science. It is allowing scientist to explore the possibles of their dreams. Since we build biological machines it is important to think about the impact your machine has to the environment. What would happen if your machine were to be released into the environment? Is your team building safety measures to limit the machine's viability in the natural world? As scientist it is our responsibility to protect life while we build, how is your team going to protect life?

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