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Judging forms need to be sent into iGEM by June 16th.

Judges will be looking at each team's wiki, poster, and presentation to award the prizes for the tracks and special prizes.


1. Food and Energy Project

Biotechnology that is used to produce food or energy without causing widespread shortages of either, and without harming the environments that future generations will inherit.

2. Environment Project

Biotechnology that can be used to help clean the air, provide fresh drinking water, restore or enhance soil quality, terraform a near-Earth asteroid, or protect, preserve, or enhance natural biological diversity.

3. Health or Medicine Project

Biotechnology that improves biological technologies related to medicine or health care.

4. Manufacturing Project

Biotechnology that is used to improve, enhance, program, or develop a manufacturing process on the nanoscale to decascale.

5. New Application Project

Use of biotechnology in a new and innovative way.

6. Foundational Advance

Improved tool, technique, or process used in biotechnology. Tools that make biotechnology easier.

7. Informational Processing Project

Biotechnology that is applied in software or hardware.

8. Other

Does your project not fit into any of the above tracks? Develop your own track. You must explain what this track will be.

Special Prizes

1. Best New BioBrick, Natural

Natural genes discovered by the team, used in a system.

2. Best New BioBrick Device, Engineered

Use of standard parts to make a new system.

3. Best Human Practices Advance

Team implemented a new way to help society to understand, consider, guide, and address the impacts of ongoing advances in biotechnology.

4. Best Experimental Measurement

Team developed a new procedure to characterize new parts or a system of parts.

5. Best Model

Team developed a way to express synthetic biology in a model. The model shows the processes involved in the development of a biological system.

6. Best Software Tool

Team developed a new way or a new software program to help with research or the development of a biological system.

7. Best New Standard

Team developed a new way to standardize parts, procedures, or other wetlab practices.

8. Best Wiki

Wiki is a tool to communicate to the outside world about your project. Teams visually articulate their project goals, idea, lab procedures, and team.

9. Best Poster

10. Best Presentation

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