Team:Heidelberg LSL/Team


iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg

Team Overview

Top row from left to right: Lorenz, Tim, Katharina, Dominik, Oskar.
Bottom row from left to right: Anna, Charlotte, Mariam, Jakob, Stefan.

The Heidelberg Life-Science Lab at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg is glad to be a part of the iGEM High School Division for the first time. Our team consists of five highly motivated pupils, namely Anna Huhn, Jakob Kreft, Mariam Harmouche, Stefan Holderbach, Charlotte Bunne and five committed scientific mentors: Katharina Genreith (M.Sc), Dominik Niopek (B.Sc), Lorenz Adlung (B.Sc), Oskar Staufer and Tim Heinemann (M.Sc). All of us are highly interested in Synthetic Biology and three of our mentors already participated in previous collegiate iGEM competitions. Their experiences encouraged us to take part in the High School Division.