Team:Heidelberg LSL/Acknowledgements


iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg


The participation in the iGEM competition is a wonderful experience for us. In the past few month, we got many new insights into synthetic biology, worked hard in and outside of the laboratory and had a lot of fun together.
Now, we are glad to meet new people at the iGEM 2012 High School Jamboree in Greenfield, Indiana. We are happily looking forward to learning more about the interesting projects of the other iGEM high school teams and grade up our language skills.

While taking part in the iGEM competition, we received great support and therefor would like to kindly acknowledge the following groups and organizations:

  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig for the great opportunity to do our lab work in his lab at the German Cancer Research Center,
  • Our Sponsors Promega, Abbott and the Jugendstiftung Baden-W├╝rttemberg for the financial and material support,
  • The Heidelberger Life-Science Lab, especially Dr. Katrin Platzer and PD Dr. R├╝diger Arnold for their general support of our project.
  • The Alumni des Heidelberger Life-Science-Lab e.V. for the great help with the sponsoring and their generous donation.
  • Finally, our friends and family for their enduring support.
  • Thank you - iGEM - for the great spring and summer time!