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iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg

iGEM-2012HS - LSL-Heidelberg

Check out

Congratulations! You made your choice for one of our remarkable iGEMS products. Below you can pre-order the chosen item simply by leaving your email address and a short text describing why the product would be most suitable especially for you. We would like to use this information to get an impression of your wishes for our future products. We clearly want to point out that this Online Store is at least for now a fictitious interface. In the future a lot of problems will have to be solved to make our jewelry safe and fully functional. Read more about these issues in the Human Practice section. During the iGEM HS Jamboree 2012 you will have the chance to have a closer look at the iGEMS.
See you all there - The iGEM team Heidelberg Life-Science Lab!


All iGEMS are equipped with a flask containing an UV-inducible E-coli solution. Learn more at: The Project