Team:CSIA SouthKorea/variables


According to the thesis 'A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators' by Michael B. Elowitz & Stanislas Leibler, the period of oscillations in such networks is determined mainly by the stability of the protein that is expressed by the synchronized oscillators.
Further, 'A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks' by Danino et al. suggests that effective AHL dissipation rate affects the period of the oscillations. In other words, this means that flow rate significantly affects period. According to their experiment, at high flow rate, the stabilized oscillations exhibit period of 90+-6 min and mean amplitude of 54+-6 GFP arbitrary units. At low flow rate, they observed a period of 55 +-6min and amplitude of 30 +-9GFP arbitrary units. Overall, when they changed the flow rate from 180 to 296 micrometer per minute, the team observed an increasing oscillatory period from 52 to 90 min.
Both factors are beyond our control as we do not have proper equipments to control both factors.