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<p style="font-size:130%; /*font-weight:bold;*/ color:#576f91;">Add your iGEM HS 2012 <a class="green_link" href=" Publicity">publicity</a> & <a class="green_link" href=" Gallery">photos</a>!</p>
<p style="color: green; font-weight: bold; text-align:center; font-size:130%;">Add your iGEM HS 2012 <a href=" Publicity">publicity</a> & <a href=" Gallery">photos</a>!</p>

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Add your iGEM HS 2012 publicity & photos!

See details on the Jamboree page!

iGEM 2012 HS is officially over!

  • Grand Prize, Winner of the GreenBrick Trophy: Heidelberg LSL
  • 1st Runner Up: NC School of Sci Math
  • 2nd Runner Up: CIDEB-UANL Mexico
  • CIDEB-UANL Mexico
  • Heidelberg LSL
  • NC School of Sci Math
    Special Prizes Winners:
  • Best New BioBrick Part, Natural: Heidelberg LSL (BBa_K862003)
    • Honorable Mention: NC School of Sci Math
  • Best New BioBrick Part or Device, Engineered: Heidelberg LSL (BBa_K862000, BBa_K862001, BBa_K862002)
    • Honorable Mention: BioscienceDragons AZ
  • Best Experimental Measurement: Heidelberg LSL
  • Best Model: CIDEB-UANL Mexico
  • Best Poster: BVCAPS Kansas & Lethbridge (Tie)
  • Best Wiki: Heidelberg LSL
  • Best Presentation: Heidelberg LSL
    • Honorable Mention: CIDEB-UANL Mexico
  • Best Human Practices Advance: GreenfieldCentral IN
  • Best Innovation in Science Education: Saloniki Greece
  • iGEMers Prize: AUC Turkey

See the Results page for details

Remember to take the iGEM 2012 HS Survey!

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