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We are having registration problems. We are waiting on iGEM Headquarters to fix. Please email Rebecca Schini with your team information: Team Leader name(s), list of team members and ages, address for shipping. Sorry for the inconvenience, but do not let you stop working on your projects.

Email Rebecca Schini at or

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Give your students the access code to sign up for their team. Each student must sign up for the team.

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There is no charge for registration for this year.


New England Biolabs will provide all high school division iGEM teams (includes international teams) with the four materials listed below at no cost. You must be registered as an iGEM team. Contact Rebecca Schini [rebecca AT] for more information

     N0469S :  Quick-Load(r) 2-Log DNA Ladder(0.1-10.0 kb)
     E0546S:  BioBrick(tm) Assembly Kit (includes 4 restriction
     enzymes plus T4 DNA Ligase)
     M0289S:  Antarctic Phosphatase
     Choose one PCR Polymerase:
             M0254S:  VentR(r) DNA Polymerase
             M0273S:  Taq DNA Polymerase with Standard Taq Buffer
             M0270S:  Taq 2X Master Mix
             E5000S:  Taq PCR Kit
             M0482S:  OneTaq(tm) 2X Master Mix with Standard Buffer
             M0480S:  OneTaq(tm) DNA Polymerase
             M0486S:  OneTaq(tm) Quick-Load(r) 2X Master Mix with
     Standard Buffer


Jamboree is scheduled for June 30th, 2012. Dependent on the number of teams the jamboree will be held at Greenfield Central High School or Purdue University. If you know you will need help with accommodations contact Rebecca Schini [rebecca AT] as soon as possible.

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Questions can be directed to iGEM Headquarters [hq AT] or Rebecca Schini, Chair of the HS Division, [rebecca AT].