Tim Schaefer

From 2012hs.igem.org

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School: Blue Valley CAPS

Position: Power Forward Donut Club Chairman

Skills: Full Daedric, cooking, 360 dunks, pouring plates, drinking chocolate milk, Kansas Brain Bee Champ, Top Ten in National Brain Bee, Mudcrab slaying, shouting about Chinese food, Flirting with Vy's friends, and Zombie Killa

Future: Bethesda studio's genettic counsultant, John hopkins double major bioengineering and Russian with ROTC, then 5 years in Explosive Ordinance Disposal service and Med School with combined PHD

Other works: Glow in the dark plants (coming soon), Opera: The Ballet of the Dragonborn

Tim profile.png

Attributions: Carried stuff to freezer and opened bottles