Team:Tyngsboro MA Tigers/TaylorV



Taylor Vigneault (Treasurer)

Class of 2013

After taking the required sciences my freshman and sophomore year of high school I noticed I had a growing interest in the field of science. I am currently a junior taking AP Biology and Immunology and enjoy learning about life science, especially science that relates to how the body works.I am not sure if or how I will pursue this interest in the future, but I may do something science related when I go to college. As of now, I am enjoying exploring different aspects of science and figuring out what interests me the most to help me figure out what I may want to do in the future.

I learned about the iGEM team through my sister, Madison, who joined the iGEM team before me. She told me what iGEM was and how the group would be able to explore synthetic biology. I thought joining iGEM would be a great way for me to continue exploring my science interests, learn something new, and also have fun! I've really enjoyed working with all the members, conducting research, and trying to overcome the challenge of designing our own cell!

Other hobbies of mine include Varsity Soccer, Track and Field, volunteering with my friends, reffing soccer, cooking, listening to music and hanging out with friends and family!

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