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Madison Vigneault (Treasurer)

Class of 2014

Academic Interests/What you want to go to college for/What class(es) are your favorites

I am currently a sophomore at Tyngsboro High School taking AP Bio and chemistry. Overall, I enjoy school and love to learn, but science has become on of my favorite subjects. After taking freshman biology last year, I loved biology and was very excited to take AP Bio this year. Mrs. Rav, our iGEM instructor, is also my AP Bio teacher and I learned about iGEM from her. Because I had never even heard of synthetic biology before, I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn about a a knew field of science. I don't know what I would like to go for college for, but I'm glad iGEM has given me an opportunity to explore a type of science I have never learned about before to show me more options of what I could be potentially pursue in the future.

At Tyngsboro High School, I am currently the Class President of the Class of 2014, a midfielder on the Girl's Varsity soccer Team, as well as an 800 m, 1 Mile, and 4 x 800 m runner for the track team. Outside of school, I love to listen to music like Taylor Swift, read books like The Hunger Games, Maximum Ride, and Sarah Dessen. I love to go to the movies, spend time with my family, and go to concerts with my sister Taylor.

For the iGEM team, my role is the co-Treasurer with my sister, Taylor. I have helped organize fundraisers, make a video promoting our iGEM team, as well as recruit team members like Taylor and Brian Fidler.

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