Team:Tyngsboro MA Tigers/KathleenB



Kathleen Barrett (Liaison)

Class of 2012

Academic Interests/What you want to go to college for/What class(es) are your favorites I love science and math. I plan to major in either astrophysics or microbiology/immunology with the intent of becoming a doctor. I love reading about theoretical astrophysics and learning about deadly viruses. My favorite classes in high school have been AP Biology, AP Physics C, BC Calculus, Diseases and Pharmaceuticals, and AP World History.

How you learned about/decided to join the team I thought that starting an iGEM team would be both fun and a educational experience. I love biology and thought it would be amazing to get actual experience in the field before going to college and choosing my major.

Hobbies I play soccer and the flute and I love reading.

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