Team:Tyngsboro MA Tigers/BrianF



Brian Fidler

Class of 2014

I handle life like a deck of cards, you never know what the dealer will hand you, but whatever it is, you have to make the best of it. As for my future and what I want to study in college, that is still a mystery to me. I have no definite plan for college. However, I enjoy and achieve in biology, which was one of my favorite classes in high school so far. Other classes I enjoy(ed) are anatomy and digital literacy. Some college studies that interest me are bio-engineering and civil engineering.

I decided to join the iGEM team because when I originally heard about the program on the morning announcements I thought it sounded interesting. I never got around to joining the program though. A few weeks into iGEM, I was supposed to be staying after for math but instead I found myself at the iGEM meeting and I really enjoyed it. The weeks following I attended the meetings and became an official member of the THS iGEM team.

An interesting fact about me that most people don't know is that my dream is to own my own plane someday, and be able to go flying on the weekends. I have a passion for flying and I have always wanted my own plane. My favorite hobby is baking/ cooking. I like to find new and exciting recipes and try to make food that my family will enjoy. To me, making my family proud of me is one of my top priorities.

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