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The Tyngsborough iGEM Team would like to acknowledge the following people and organizations that have contributed to our team:

Ms. Ravgiala would like to extend her thanks to Rebecca Schini whose encouragement during the summer of 2011 was the catalyst for initiating this startup club here at THS!

Thank you to Ashley Maher for designing our iGEM Team logo!

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Thank you to Karen Beliveau at‎ Granite Ridge Energy for thier monetary donation!

Thank you to Mrs. Alison Boughan (assistant team leader) for assisting us in this endeavor and clarifying some points in microbiology.

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all the moms and dads who have helped cart us around this past year to fundraising venues and who spent the time chaperoning our events and making baked goods!

Mrs. Vigneault, Mr. Barrett, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, and Mr. Savard for their generous donations.

A big shout out to Cam Pavao & Cathryn Cook for their stunning video portrayal of synthetic biology.

Thank you to Jake Sutton and Brittany Lucrenziano for taking pictures for us during labs!

We could not have raised the funds necessary to purchase the supplies to conduct our investigation if not for the generosity and support we received from the following individuals and their local, small business establishments: Darryl Wickens at The Tyngsborough Sports Center and Sheri Sutherland at Mobil on the Run (Tewksbury, MA).

We would also like to recognize the following individuals for their constant support and suggestions for moving our team through this "black box":

Alyssa Henning, our iGEM Mentor, for sharing your iGEM experiences and suggestions during our Skype discussions and to Ginkgo Bioworks for the plasmid donation!

Natalie Kuldell whose expertise, technical support, optimism, and generosity go above and beyond our expectations... There are no words to express our deepest gratitude!

Meagan Lizarazo and Kitwa Ng from HQ who took the time to travel to our town and explain the rationale behind 3A Assembly!

THS Administrative Staff for their continued support for our "Science Club" and its progress.

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Saturday, December 2011

The first fundraiser our team organized was a bake sale at a local sports complex. The Tyngsborough Sports Center was generous enough to allow us to set up a table one Saturday in December and we sold an assortment of homemade baked goods and ornaments. Since it was close to Christmas, our team had a meeting dedicated to making ornaments out of pipe cleaners which we dipped in borax to crystallize them. The day of the fundraising, team members came in for their designated shifts throughout the day and we all brought different types of baked goods to sell as well. Making the ornaments was a fun team activity and we also had fun spending time together at our different shifts. Best of all, we made $300 for our team!


Friday, February 2012

The second fundraiser our team set up was to run the concession stand at one of the girl's varsity basketball game. Our principal kindly allowed us to sell pizza, candy, drinks, and once again, homemade baked goods, for the concessions at our High School's girl's varsity basketball game. We set up a table outside the gym and during the game, sold all of the food to make a profit of $250. Overall, Tyngsborough High School had a successful night because our iGEM team was able to raise even more money, and the girls team won the game!

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Saturday, May 2012

The last fundraiser our team set up was another bake sale in front of the local Mobile on the Run venue. Because of the generosity of our donors and merchants, we broke the $600 mark and are now able to purchase the antibiotics required to perform our investigation!

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