Team:Sharon MA ArborVitae/Notebook


Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Our first meeting! We met our team for the first time today. Other than getting to know each other, we started thinking of our team name. Right now, our name is "Team #00FF00", or Team Green. We also learned a little bit more about what iGEM is and what we will be doing throughout the year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Meeting #2: We started looking at the different categories for projects; the ones we found most appealing were Environment and Health and Medicine. We started to brainstorm; here are some of our ideas. (Keep in mind, we were a little tired, and were brainstorming with little information no limits.) - Make bacteria change color in the presence of harmful gases (CO2?) - Make bacteria produce hydrogenase - Make bacteria break down metabolic waste to produce methane - Make bacteria detect and fix nutrient concentration in soil (Oxygen?) - Make bacteria absorb and decompose road salts - Make bacteria detect water damage - Make bacteria remove mold - Make bacteria clean air ducts - Some sort of "thermal grass/turf" - Make bacteria remove puddles - Make bacteria fix potholes - Make bacteria transform moon rock into cheese, fulfilling every child's dream! - Make bacteria create light (with magnesium) to help those without electricity - Make bacteria destroy battery waste - Make bacteria limit amount of bad emissions from exhaust pipes in cars - Make bacteria decompose gum, to get it off of the bottom of chairs