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Achilleas is a junior at Anatolia College.

Anastasia Tsiara is a sophomore at the American Farm School of Thessaloniki. She is really interested in Biology and Philosophy. She loves basketball and drawing. She joined iGem team to gain experience and broaden her mind learning for life.

Dimitris Karponis is a sophomore at the Anatolia College of Thessaloniki. He is very interested in physics and mathematics. The main reason he joined the iGEM team was because he loves lab work and wants to gain experience. In the future, he would like to study medicine and research possible treatment methods (conjecture) on the field of cancer therapy.

Gregory Petkoglou is a junior student at the AFS of Thessaloniki and a proud member of the Greek iGEM team. He is grateful for having the chance to be part of this competition and glad for having such great teammates. He hopes to take part in iGEM next year as well.

Manousos-Rafail Giamoukis is a junior in Anatolia College of Thessaloniki. He loves playing basketball. He is interested in Biology and Chemistry. In the future he wants to study Biology and Chemistry in college and play basketball in NCAA Division I or II.

Her name is Maria Anastasiadou and she is sixteen years old. She studies at the American Farm School and her favorite subject is bio. She is interested in synthetic biology and hands-on research and that's why she decided to be part of the iGEM team this year.

Marianna is a sophomore of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki.She loves Biological Engineering and that's why she decided to join the Greek iGEM team. This she will also attend Camp Rising Sun in Rhinebeck, New York. Her favorite hobby is cycling and photography.

He is Meletis and he is an 11th Grader at Anatolia College. His favorite subject is Biology and Mathematics. He loves working on limits, differential calculus and integrals. He relation with biology though has always been special. Since he was a little boy, He was amazed by the complexity of life and DNA. As he grew older, school was what made him appreciate Biology more. Apart from those two subjects, he loves studying ancient Greek and World Literature. He plays the violin and the piano.

Stella Lentzou is sixteen years ols and she lives in the campus of the American Farm School but she comes from an agricultural village. The reason why she decided to join the iGEM team is because she is very interested in bio and biological engineering. During the preparation for the competition she obtained valuable knowledge in genetics which will prove useful for her university studies. She also learned to cooperate with her classmates under pressure.

Theodosis is a rising senior at the American Farm School. He is fascinated by the idea of manipulating life and playing god the same way you create electronic circuits. Through iGEM he wants to learn more things about Biology and Bioengineering and encourage more students to join the pilot program in the future.