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Saloniki 2012 iGem

Fun Times!

Throughout the year we dedicated a few meetings solely for entertainment purposes. There, we talked about many things, (not including iGEM of course!) so as to learn more things about each other's background and interests. This enhanced the team spirit and strengthened our relationship, thus making us more productive and efficient at work. More specifically:
On April 5th, which was our last meeting before Easter, we hanged out and discussed a bit about how schools goes for everyone and many other topics!
On May 5th, which was SAT day for some of our juniors, we went to Maria's apartment and ate lunch(Delicious!), talked about the SAT(It went well for most of us!) and played some UNO(Actually it was a one-and-a-half hour round, one of the longest I've ever seen!) before going back to our places.