Team:Saloniki Greece 12 Original Idea


Saloniki 2012 iGem

Original Idea and Outcome

On the 26th of February,10 young students from the American Farm School (AFS) and the Anatolia College met at the library of the AFS. All of us where excited but troubled as well. Delving into the idea of manipulating the DNA was hard to grasp from the beginning. Thankfully, Ms. Maria McClintock explained everything concerning the iGem project and biology and so we were ready to start. The first issue that arose was what our topic would be. A lot of ideas were brought to discussion. The issue of curing cancer was amongst one of the topics which were suggested. In the end, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful environment and facilities of the AFS and work on the bacteria in yogurt. Still some issues occured so we had to turn to soil and its properties. We settled on working on the maximization of the efficiency of useful bacteria in soil. As far as the project is concerned we faced a lot of problems. First of all, we weren't able to proceed to the lab still we were able to discuss some important issues of synthetic biology. Furthermore,the issue of not finding sponsors was always a problem. We were constantly asking Maria about where the dinero was. Finally, the last issue was time, as we were students from 2 different grades and we had to find common times which was very difficult. All in all, it was an amazing experience. We got to meet new friends and learn new stuff about Synthetic Biology. Hopefully, we were able to set the fountation for next year iGEM team.