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Variable Control

Manipulation of materials and sterile solutions: -The tips of the micropipette, the agar plates, the solutions of IPTG and X-Gal, and the media of LB need to be maintain sterile. Maintain the tubes and plates open only for short periods of time. Do not touch with your fingers or with any other material that may contaminate the micropipette (that being tables, or any other materials). -It´s important to state that when manipulating the E. coli, we always worked on the fume hood, in order to avoid contamination of the E. coli culture. -We were always careful to dispose the substances. To take care of the enviroment, we separated the hazard material in a bag and then sterilize it, to throw it out. We avoid throwing toxic substances through the drain, seeking the environmental safety.

Equipment handling: -We took all the precautions required in order to keep safe all the equipment Tecnológico de Monterrey gave us for the experiment. -Before using any equipment, it was checked that they were calibrated and functioning correctly. -To make sure nothing was contaminated, the equipment was cleaned before and after they were used. This improves the work area and makes the work easier for other colleagues. -Dispense the hazard material is an important safety issue. We were always careful with this aspect, because we care about the environment. Avoiding throwing trough the drain hazardous material and substances was a way to keep the environment from any damages

Manipulation of competent bacterias: The tube that contains the competent bacterias should be kept in ice in all moment, except for the heat shot at 42ºC and the incubation at 37ºC. The competent bacterias have a mechanic resistance lower than the normal ones: do not shake with force, always be gentle when re-suspending