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Human Practices

The captains of our team, Aakash and Peter, were pioneers in starting the NCSSM iGEM team with their mentor, Dr. Halpin. In their efforts, they pushed presented at various venues to further awareness of synthetic biology and their research project. Thus far, they have made a major presentation at the CED Life Sciences conference in February. This audience encompassed over 1000 biotechnology entrepreneurs and business people. At this conference they were able to discuss the benefits of having an iGEM team with heads of major biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Through this, the team was able to receive generous sponsorships from various companies and introduce lots of important folks.

Later, we were able to present to the NCSSM Board of Governors and Board of Trustees to introduce them to synthetic biology and briefly explain our project. The school officials were interested to know how they could help our team and make similar opportunities available to NCSSM students.

Lastly, the team gave another presentation at the Junior class meeting at school while receiving the Bowman-Brockman Endowment. We have already confirmed several members for next years team!