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1. Safety gear must be worn at all times in the lab. Safety equipment includes: goggles, a lab coat, and safety gloves before participating in the lab.

2. There is a red line separating the computer area from the lab area. If you cross this line, you must wash your hands and change your gloves.

3. No food or drink in the lab.

4. Dispose of any contaminated lab equipment in the proper biohazard container.

5. Make sure your lab area is clean before starting a lab.

5. Sterilize all equipment before starting a lab.

6. No horseplay in the lab.

7. Make sure a teacher or adult is supervising while in the lab.

8. Clean all lab equipment and surfaces when finished in the lab.

9. Record everything that takes place in the lab in your lab journal.

Any other restrictions or rules can be found in Bio Safety Level 1 Guidelines.