Team:Dalton School NY/Safety


Dr. Hackett supervised our research at all times. She has participated in several lab safety training courses at Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, and The Jackson Laboratory. She also has over 9 years of full-time bench research experience, primarily at Johns Hopkins University (Carol Greider's lab) and Harvard Medical School (Steve Elledge's lab).

We avoided the use of hazardous chemicals such as ethidium bromide (EtBr). Instead, we used Gel Green to stain our DNA.

We also didn't use phenol/choloroform for our yeast genomic DNA preps (please see our lab notebook for more info).

Additionally, Dr. Hackett poured all agarose gels, mainly to maximize the use of class time, but this also eliminated the exposure of students to boiling agarose. While handling the gels we wore gloves, and while cutting the gels we used blue light.

The yeast we are working with, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is not pathogenic and we are working with its genes and with the well characterized BFP, GFP, and YFP from jellyfish and mTangerine, mCherry, and mGrape1 from coral. Furthermore, we are collaborating with experts in synthetic biology at Johns Hopkins.

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