Team:CSIA SouthKorea/mechanism


Our construction of genetic circuit is based on "A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators" by Michael B. Elowitz & Stanislas Leibler, and the article “A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks” by Danino et al.
In the diagram above, luxpL is a constitutive promoter and continuously expresses luxR.
luxpR is an inducible promotor that is activated by luxR-AHL complex. AHL is the auto-inducer molecule N-(3-oxohexanoyl)-homoserine lactone that can diffuse across other cell membranes, gives many cells identical AHL levels, and creates quorum sensing by synchronizing AHL dependent gene expression. Under luxpR, there are both luxI, which produces AHL, and aiia, which degrades AHL, which generates feedback loops that controls the amount of luxR-AHL complex. (LuxI only increases level of AHL, which makes positive feedback loop, and aiia degenerates AHL, which builds negative feedback loop)
Green Fluorescent protein is also under luxpR and demonstrates AHL concentration through its brightness at certain time point. Because rate of synthesis in luxI and rate of degradation in aiia differs, there exists a certain condition that enables periodic oscillation in AHL concentration.
The parts we used in the assembly are as follows: BBa_R0062 for luxpR, BBa_R0063 for luxpL, BBa_C0060 for aiia, BBa_C0061 for luxI, and BBa_K082006 for luxR. We changed the part for luxR because we found that this part, although previously used by Wageningen_UR in 2011, is inconsistent and is not confirmed.