Team:CSIA SouthKorea/introduction


The main mechanism that we are planning to use is the repressilator. Repressilator is a synthetic genetic regulatory network. It was reported by Michael Elowitz and Stanislas Leibler in 2000. This network is composed of 3 genes connected in a feedback loop, and each of the genes is repressed by the previous gene. This system is designed to exhibit a stable oscillation in the expression of each gene with fixed time period. In each of the wells in the 96 well plate, a colony of Escherichia Coli that expresses fluorescent protein with repressilator system will be put in. Then, by putting in different inducers in each of the wells, we are planning to control the time period and the gene expression of the E. Coli colonies and therefore express the specific shape that we are trying to express withe E. Coli display.
Using this mechanism of repressilator to make time difference in expressing GFP, we would be able to make a certain figure on a 96 well plate. However, the periods of GFP expression in each cell will be slightly different, so we thought of applying quorum sensing to synchronize the periods of bacterias.
picture of a 96 well plate4
Our project has several steps, including cloning the repressilator, determining the variable that controls the period of oscillation, and cultivating E.Coli in a batch culture.