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Team: UANL_Mty-Mexico

Team: CIDEB-UANL Mexico

Project: Idea

The heavy metals which are found in the crust of the Earth and they bring us both benefits and potential damage for humanity. The various damages that they can cause are reflected especially in our health and in the environment. For this reason we are searching for an easy way to determine the presence of heavy metals in the environment by this manner we can stop harmful situations for our ambience now and in the future. That is why we decide that it would be useful to create a biosensor with bacteria to measure heavy metals concentration in samples. To test the biosensor we will use Arabinose. The reason of using Arabinose instead of heavy metals is for safety reasons because work with such materials will be a high risk to our health. Thus we first construct the model with Arabinose to see if it really works and if it does, then other biosensor which could detect the concentration of heavy metals could be constructed.