Show us how you spent your days.

Fall 2011 - Learning the basics of the relevant biology

Winter 2012 - Brainstorming possible topics for our project.

3/6/12 - We settled on further investigating the use of a biological medicine to relieve the symptoms of Gastric Reflux Disease. The internet has been our primary method of research. We have found an available pH sensor and researched the current market of GERD medicines. We are currently looking for our desired method of neutralizing the stomach acid.

3/13/12 - We are looking at another iGEM project which featured a bacteria that secretes a base.

3/20/12 - We are continuing research and focusing on updating the wiki for now.

3/27/12 - We found several promoters that are capable of secreting calcium carbonate into the body.

4/3/12 - Research enzymes to put in our bacteria to prepare ordering parts. Research carbonic anhydrase that may naturally buffer the system. Research the differences between the promoters to find which one will work best for our bacteria. Decide whether to use a proton pump, store calcium carbonate, produce calcium carbonate from resources in its environment, find the genes already in bacteria that alter the pH of its environment. Research nucleation for building up calcium carbonate from manufactured SRB in environment.

4/10/12 - Modified our experiment to lower the pH environment. This would be used to facilitate tomato plant growth or other citrus plants. To lower the pH, we will use a proton pump from bacteriorhodopsin that uses light energy received from photons. Researched registry of parts to order next week.

4/17/12 - On April break. Updated the wiki and researched background of new experiment topic.

5/1/12 - Met iGEM staff and learned about history of iGEM. They introduced kit contents regarding part synthesis procedures.

5/3/12 - Cultured bacteria and incubated.

5/8/12 - Extracted DNA from cultured bacteria.

5/10/12 - Researched how to find concentration of DNA with spectrophotometer when we don't have one. Anyone find one on Amazon...?

5/15/12 - Restriction digestion and incubate for next procedure.

5/22/12 - Ligation of bacteria.

5/25/12 - Our team leader Rohit, senior class of 2012, graduates and forever leaves us to fend for ourselves in the grandiose world of synthetic biology.

5/29/12 - Agar stabs: streak petri dishes and incubate.

5/30/12 - Implanted bacterial DNA with combined parts into the bacteria.

5/31/12 - Returned to see results.

6/5/12 - Discussed how to proceed with registration for the Jamboree. Also divided up who will do the wiki, abstract, powerpoint presentation, and poster.

6/7/12 - Finished abstract to send to iGEM.

6/8/12 - Create avatars for the Jamboree in SecondLife.