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BVCAPS Research KS is a team of high school students unified in solving scientific problems through genetic engineering. The members attend a variety of schools in the Blue Valley School District, but became unified through the programs at Blue Valley CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies), geared towards students willing to acquire real world experience. Once together in the Bioscience Research class, they recognized their vast potential, and aimed it toward the iGEM competition.




Mascot: Dragon slaying, banana shooting, mint breathing, ecoli monster

Drink: Chocolate Milk

Game: Pokemon

Super Game: Skyrim, Mass Effect(s), Diablo 3

Hobby: Dropping 3s and dunking at the berg with 9 foot hoops

Hero: Katniss

Food: Chinese

Book (for those who are literate): Hunger Games

Movie: Hunger Games and The Avengers

Hair Style: Mike Bruesewitz's red afro, 2010-2011

Animal: Liger

Piece of Artwork: This website

Fantasy Animal: Skeletal, quadrahorn dragon

Pokemon: Diglett, Lugia, Grimer

Future: Fab 5.1

Dislikes: SEC, Bacteria who do not uptake plasmids

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