Team:AUC Turkey/Project/Results




Basic Parts

BBa_K727001 MMT

BBa_K727002 DMT

BBa_K727003 TMT

BBa_K727004 FMO

BBa_K727005 GPPS

BBa_K727006 GS


We succesfully transformated these 6 parts into E.coli’s TOP10 strains as you can see above. Then we did overnight incubation to the colonies in LB Media and afterwards they were isolated. The acquiring of the DNA was a success. AUC Turkey Spek1.jpg Lastly, the parts were cut with the appropriate restriction enzymes and electrophorased. AUC Turkey UV1.jpg As it can be seen, the bends on the images overlap with the indicated lengths of our biobricks which proves that we succesfully cloned our parts into E.coli.

Composite Parts

The parts we assembled:

  • BBa_K727007 Rose Odor Generator Device
  • BBa_K727008 Fish Odor Generator-Component 1
  • BBa_K727009 Fish Odor Generator-Component 2
  • BBa_K727011 Fish Odor Generator-Component 3
  • BBa_K727727 FMO3 Generator
  • BBa_K727777 FMO Generator-Complete System

After confirming the basic parts, we assembled the parts listed above in the appropriate order. The parts were then transformated into E.coli’s TOP10 strain. We did this by adding constituve promoter and GFP to see green colonies which would in the cate both our GFP and Down Stream BioBrick has been synthesized. For example the image at the below shows that BBa_727005 is most probably produced. AUC Turkey Green.jpg

After that we inchubated our colonies in LB Broth Media then we isolated genes with high yield.

AUC Turkey OD.jpg We cut our genes with appropiate restriction enzymes and exposed them to electrophoresis. The images below prove that we clonned our BioBricks successfully. AUC Turkey Composite G2-M2.jpg