Team:AUC Turkey/HumanPractices



Kindergarden Visit

AUC Turkey KindergardenVisit005.jpg

We visited the Burc Child Academy. The children were taught several topics including what iGEM is, what bacteria really are, how synthetic biology works and more. This was proof that iGEM is for 7 to 77. Read more...

Flash Game


A little bacterium against thousand more.Will the never ending enemies of the FreshEcoli perish or will the last FreshEcoli fall? Click to play...

Team Video

AUC Turkey TeamVideo.png

A team video made with our lab team members. This video was made to show that working in a lab is not just ‘boring’ as some people actually think. Click to watch...

Canvas Times

A magazine prepared by us! It contains everything about our project, our human practices and more. Read more...