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Main page - Rose odor generator(geraniol): (BBa_K727007)

This part represents the two enzymes of the geraniol production. Geraniol is a chemical compound that generates rose like scent. We added luxR and HSL inducible promotor,luxR pR, in order to regulate the producttion of the generator via synthesizing luxR and HSL.

Main page - TMA generator:

This BioBrick includes the three enzymes of the synthesis of TMA(Trimethylamine). TMA is the main reason of unpleasent fish odor that is responsible in fish odor syndrome among the humans. We aim to degurade TMA in media to remove bad scent; this part will be used as the source of TMA.

Main page - Flavin Monooxygenasse 3:

FMO3 is enzyme that oxidizes TMA in order to turn it into TMAO(Trimethylamine oxide) This will provent unpleasent fish odor of TMA; because TMAO is an odorless compound


page - Constitutive LuxR promoter with GFP:

We produced this part with the aim of eliminate ligation products. We added this part to our BioBricks as a suffix which we hope to see green when it is transformated.

page - pSB1K3 with RFP device:

We upgraded standard assembly plasmid pSB1K3 via adding RFP coding device in order to eliminate false ligations after transformations.