We're the eleven-strong inaugural Tiger Squad at Tyngsborough High School in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, with a real interest in using our science knowledge to help the community and learn about synthetic biology along the way!


Rav.jpgRebekah Ravgiala

Ali.jpg Alison Boughan


Kathleen_2.jpg Kathleen Barrett (Liaison)

Mia Pavao (Secretary)

Lizzy_.jpg Lizzy Seltz(Lab Manager)

IMG_1541.JPG Michael Sheets (Media Specialist)

Lizzie.jpg Elizabeth Barrett (Public Relations)

Maddy.jpg Madison Vigneault (co-Treasurer)

Taylor.jpg Taylor Vigneault (co-Treasurer)

Brian.jpg Brian Fidler (Researcher)

Kevin.jpg Kevin Barrett (Programmer)

Shannon.jpg Shannon Jackson(Business Coordinator)

Brian_p.jpg Brian Parlee (Tech Support)

                                                   Where We Are From

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts is a small historic town 44 miles outside of Boston. Although Tyngsboro is only 17.86 square miles, its population is currently 11,673 people. We are a commuter town to Boston,Massachusetts, and Nashua, New Hampshire. Tyngsboro was originally purchased from native Indians and was formally established as a town on February 23, 1809. Tyngsboro is best known today for its 547 foot long, green bridge spanning the Merrimack River. The Tyngsboro Bridge was built in 1931 and connects the east and west sides of town. Tyngsboro is also known for Sullivan Farms Ice Cream, a locally owned, homemade ice cream stand, and Parlee Farms also locally owned serving ice cream and a place to go for picking fruits and seeing the animals.

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